'NewsHour' host and debate moderator Jim Lehrer dies at 85


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RIP, I grew up watching News Hour on PBS which he hosted with the late Robert MacNeil.

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Great journalist, former Marine, successful author...condolences to his family.

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That was the last real news in the USA. He will be missed. All we have left are human-interest and entertainment fear-factor news.

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He’s from a day when the news stations used to have fact checkers and were more interested in reporting the news accurately than quickly.

The 24-hour news channels destroyed his kind. Then Fox ripped the ethics out of news. And now look at the crap hole America has become.

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The 24-hour news channels destroyed his kind. Then Fox ripped the ethics out of news. And now look at the crap hole America has become.

Not at all, Jim was a man with integrity and although he leaned left, he was more of a quiet guy when it came to not being politically bias as was my mentor the late Peter Jennings who was also a liberal and a fantastic Journalist. The said thing is before there was an FNC none of the TV networks covered or listened or gave much voice to an underserved audience of over 120 million and that changed with the creation of FNC, even CNN before Zucker ruined it was a very balanced network, again serving mostly a liberal audience and later with expanding its affiliates the international market there really wasn’t anything out there for conservatives! The ethics got ripped out in 2000 and msnbc was trailing in the ratings against FNC, enter sportsman journalist Keith Olbermann who made it a mission on his former show “Countdown” to attack Bush every single night in the harshest way the Iraq was started after the 9/11 attacks and the Bush pile on started and that drove their ratings up as well as their support for Obama as for FNC supporting Bush. The lines were drawn. Now if you want to say both networks were battling it out, Olbermann was the one, the grandfather that started the name calling and to the Bush haters, he was a godsend, especially making his personal attacks on O’Reilly and Hannity. So the cable news outlets do battle it out and FNC wins that battle every single day and has done so for over 13 years, but having said that before cable news was the norm, the 3 major networks were it and then you had PBS and Lehrer was from a different era an era where you always made sure to check your sources before going on air and in journalism 101 there is a saying, “if you’re not sure or you can’t back up your story, don’t run it!” People nowadays have a lot of options in obtaining the news sources they care about or want to hear about and you have hundreds of so called news outlets ( or at least that’s what they pretend to call themselves) that cater to various needs and wants and that’s a good thing, but can the country come together as it once was before the 3 major outlets came out, I seriously doubt it. Lehrer was definitely a Man of his time, fair and to the point. RIP

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