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Jimi Hendrix makes 'comeback' with new album


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Looking forward to hearing this. Definitely one of the best guitarists and musicians of all time!

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Could be great, could be muck, hard to know. The digital online era has only increased the 80s 90s proclivity for "unreleased" tracks, usually failures for the b-sides. Sometimes treasure sometimes gomi.

How many of the better tracks were kept off this album for another release/ ten releases? (and corollary, how many mediocre ones were put on to "pad" it?)

Agreed with zen, tho, this could be an incredible find. And his career was way too short. Way way more stuff was waiting to come out of him.

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Big Jimmie fan here, but I dispise his "sister" janie, she has been more plague than protector of things Hendrix, taking tons of $$$ along the way while musicians who played with Jimmie got/get shafted.

Hope this isnt a bunch of stuff Jimmie DIDNT want put out or just a bunch of demo's & outtakes............

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"coproducer" Janie Hendrix

Don't buy ANYTHING this witch co-produced.

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Just an example - Janie co-produced an "Authentic Hendrix" signature guitar. It looks like the iconic white Fender Stratocaster but it's just a shameless copy, made by Gibson. There's absolutely nothing authentic about it, Jimi never played on such a guitar - just a pure marketing ploy - hoping that people won't notice and waste the money on the junk.

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Hendrix, Wow.! even if it's just riff's..I love it..!

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Bought it

So-so, some good tunes.

Have to listen more

Not, like bad, tho

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"Hendrix recorded three albums in his lifetime."

This is not true. If you check, you will find a number of albums such as Cry of Love, Loose Ends, Rainbow Bridge and the excellent War Heroes were released after his death. It is fair to say that he recorded them before his death.

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But we know he was a stickler fpr what he wanted released so would they have been...........we can only speculate

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The best thing since his adult bootlet vid.

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