Jimmy Page at Venice film fest to present Led Zeppelin doc


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Looking forward to this documentary! Jimmy Page is considered by his peers to one of the 100 greatest & most influential guitarists of all time. Jimmy thinks Jimi Hendrix was the best while some put Page on par with Eric Clapton. Regardless, “Rock IS” because of these “Legends”.

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Legendary Led Zepp were an overnight revelation and a revolution. Their powerful sound of guitars, voice and drums steam-rollered the group at lightning speed into rock super-stardom. I still remember the excitement and electricity in the air at the one concert I caught. And then there were the charismatic stage performances and hard rock music to make it truly a night to remember.

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Love Led Zeppelin and yes, Stairway to Heaven is one of my favourite songs. Went to many concerts. Listen to Robert Plant these days. Such a great musician.

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As a person who never bought into the Led Zep hype, I'll just say that I may well watch this documentary, but only from the perspective of being a student of rock music history.

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I’m not usually a fan of these things even if I like the band, but there have been some good ones - The Kids are Alright by The Who was excellent.

Spinal Tap is of course a masterpiece.

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Used to absolutely love Led Zep until I found out they, especially Page, were heavily into the occult, which influenced thier music.

In this doc will Jimmy Page tell of his love and admiration for influential occultist Aleister Crowley? - A man described by those who knew him as "capable of immense physical and emotional cruelty" (to whom? Women? Children?) and having "affinity to the extreme ideologies of Nazism" (Affinity for the slaughter of millions in gas chambers?!!)

Won't be listening to anyone who admires such mentors and let's them influence thier music.


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I think the Aleister Crowley history is a little overdone. Most of the women he had relationships with were prostitutes or purple women as he called them. Read several of his books but gets a bit boring after a while. He died in 1947. Sex magick.

At the outbreak of the war he offered to join the intelliegence services but was declined. His interest in Nazism were their anti Christain beliefs.

It was only Page who was attract to Crowley and bought his house in Scotland. Boleskine House now ruiened I think.

Crowley is very overrated. More of a mad man.

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If it were known that any high profile politician, business leader, religious leader etc held in high esteem, followed the teachings of, lived in the house of an occultist or anyone else "capable of immense physical and emotional cruelty" and having "affinity to the extreme ideologies of Nazism" the news would be broadcast far and wide and there would be outrage. Don't know why Jimmy Page gets a pass. Although I would hope that now that he's a lot older he's outgrown that stuff.

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Concerned Citizen

I judge the music alone. The Rolling Stones, it is claimed, especially Jagger also studied the occult which is refected in some of their songs. If I judge musicians just by their persoanl lifes I would have nothing left to listen to.

Most heavy metal bands have satanic interests. Jimmy Page is no Alistair Crowley. Or take actors like Tom Cruise, heavely involved in Scientology.

Anyone who lives in a castle will have a long connection with a cruelsome and murderous past.

Even the Greatful Dead, any friend of the devil is a friend of mind.

Someone would reads books about murders are not murderers themselves.

There has ever been any evidence of Jimmy Page doing anything with the dark satanic arts. He has broken no laws.

There are rumors, like most rock musicians of Page having sex with underage girls.

The rumors are, that Jimmy Page and the other members made a pact with the deceased Crowley and satan in return for success and wealth.

Like  Crowley's dictum "Do what thou wilt" shall be the whole of the law.

It's also claimed If you play 'Stairway to Heaven' in reverse, you hear satanic messages. Complete garbage.

Then there's the world of Free Masonary.

Judge the musician and the music for what it is.

Last week Bob Dylan was accused of having sex in 1965 with an underage girl.

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Jimmy Page dating a 14 year old is not a rumor.

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If Page has given it the green light then I’ll be donning my mask and seeing it on the big screen.

Listening to LZ and especially Jimmy’s guitar is like….no words to describe it. Now I have Physical Graffiti songs running through my head “ hey hey mama, what’s the matter here”

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If Page has given it the green light then I’ll be donning my mask and seeing it on the big screen.

Hopefully you won't need a vaccine passport, or you'll have to wait for streaming.

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Led Zeppelin was considered innovative back in the day. Now they are just another antiquated group that ripped off other musicians and did not produce any original music. A sad Swansong for certain.

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