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Jimmy Page reflects on Led Zeppelin's legacy and its sound


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The true guitar guru. I just finished putting his most famous wiring mod into my guitar. 4x push/pull pots with split coil, series/parallel and phasing controls. The guitar has 24 different tones without using effectors. Thanks Jimmy!

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You can hear Led Zep and Page's influence on artists like Jack White. And of course, you can hear the influence of countless blues artists on Zep, themselves.

My favorite track would have to be Kashmir, again, you can hear the influence on The Mission's Tower of Strength and Puff Daddy's Come With Me.

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@Toasted Heretic -

talking about influences. Have a listen to Led Zeppelin Coda and ACDC’s recent album Black Ice. The guitar riffs are uncannily similar.

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One of the greatest guitar players and one of the greatest bands which i was able to enjoy these so many decades and go to so many of their concerts. Love Robert Plant's last album and style of music. Between me and Led Zeppelin, there's always going to be a whole lotta love.

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When Jimmy Page was a young student, he had already developed such an inseparable relationship with his guitar that school officials would often confiscate it.

"It would be given back at the end of the day. And this was quite repetitive," Page said.

Gotta wonder if any of those school officials ever had a chance to talk with him after Led Zep became famous and had a good laugh about it.

One of the greatest guitarists of all time.

Page: "I think it's a great legacy to have produced, to be honest."


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Not a huge Led Zep fan but I do love the acoustic stuff on the third album. The way they played Gallows Pole was superb.

As posted earlier, Kashmir is a stunner. I’ve always liked Custard Pie too.

Page is a brilliant and versatile guitarist.

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We had tickets for their last tour and then the unthinkable happened. One my John Bonham favorites “in my time of dying” from PG, and Pages slide as well.

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As an American, I must admit that the greatest rock of the 60's and 70's and even 80's came from the UK.

Sure, rock n roll, as well as jazz and blues before it, were uniquely American creations. And, Motown was a dominant force, but is more accurately described as R&B.

But, "rock", as the world knows it, was led and shaped by the Beatles, Stones, Who, Led Zep, Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Bowie, Queen, etc. They created whole genres.

(I'm not trying to diminish AC/DC, Cheap Trick, Rush, Tom Petty, The Ramones, Iggy, et al. But, just think about that list from the UK during the 60's and 70's)

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The band as a unit made them all great individually.

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Totally agreed with most comments although it would be great if Jimmy "finally " got to record or play live new music. Jimmy has being promising new material for years . Maybe after/if the stairway to heaven court case is finally over we'll hear something. Fingers crossed......

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Everyone needs to do the Zeppaton. That is when you sit your ass down in front of a good pair of speakers and listen to all their albums in a row. It is a life changing, transcendental experience.

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How many interviews can you give saying the exact same thing every time. It's not like they have new music out to discuss something interesting and new.

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