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JK Rowling revealed as writer of crime novel


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Wow. She's certainly a talented lady. Maybe she's one of the few celebrities with the the genuine ability to do something worthwhile in politics. She'd make a great Labour party leader....

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I would like to read this.

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Another sad sign of the decay of modern culture. Her books are sad recomplations and retelling of worn out topics and she is a creation of big money publishing. It has nothing at all of interest for any serious student of literature that she wrote anything, and I am sorry to see one person getting so much attention when there are good authors out there who are totally ignored.

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CrisGerSan, I do believe Ms. Rowling has actually worked for her money. She deserves the rewards and our thanks for creating such a wonderful fantasy world.

As for other good authors being ignored, please name a few and promote them for us. Besides, sheer popularity is not the total endgame for every author.

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Weird, this article doesn't say the most interesting thing: before disclosing her real identity, this book had sold only 1.500 copies. Lol. I doubt it is so great.

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It was not published to critical acclaim nor was it selling well before the author's identity was "discovered".

Cynic might say that the "discovery" was orchestrated by her publicist?

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She has a dark side.

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@Wakarimasen... yeah I heard that too. It was originally thought to be an okay novel, a decent debut tale... until Rowling was identified as the author, then the Emperor's New Clothes kicked in, with the arty farty and Potter types cooing over it and hailing it a work of such rare talent.

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She's not a good writer.

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