John Lennon and Yoko Ono's 'Bed-In' remembered at 50

By Toby Sterling

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More innocent times, when we thought we could change the world. But, as time went on, we saw that the world belongs to the warmongers and we became more cynical.

Thank you, John and Yoko. Eternal love and peace.

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Just watched a doco the other day about the making of the album Imagine. There was footage of the bed-in and John and Yoko's interviews with the press - a reminder both of the silliness and of the idealism of the time.

That idealism was priceless. Sure ain't around nowadays. Like Joni Mitchell sang, you don't know what you've got till it's gone.

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Oh, and RIP to Scott Walker, another genius who began as a pop star and soared well beyond his beginnings.

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The hope of changing things is what you let die. It's John's influence that keeps/kept me determined to see war for what it is. An investment. Your children are the fodder that feeds the machine with fair market value and Wall Streets blessing. Suck on that for a while.

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The world would have been much better off had Lennon and Yoko kept their clothes on. The unfortunate people of Vietnam are still living under a dictatorship.

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During the bed-in, Yoko is questioned about how she would deal with Hitler.

"I would sleep with him", she replied.

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I have been to the Elizabeth Reine Hotel in the wonderful city of Montreal. Room 317 (?) gets booked up to 18 months in advance by Beatlemaniacs just so they can say they were there. The manager there told me the rates are higher for that room, of course. Many other stars and important figures have stayed in this hotel but my AAA Guidebook for Montreal said that this place is where 'Give Peace A Chance' was written and recorded.

Of course history was made. A newer version of that antiwar classic was made for the 1991 Gulf War - it featured Peter Gabriel, Tom Petty, Iggy Pop,  Lenny Kravitz, Little Richard, Adam Ant, Al Jarreau, Run (of RUN-DMC), Ofra Haza, Q-Tip, Dave Stewart, Michael McDonald,  LL Cool J, Bonnie Raitt and more.

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