John Lennon Super Live to be held on Dec 8 at Budokan


The Dream Power John Lennon Super Live will be held at Nippon Budokan in Tokyo on Dec 8 with several Japanese artists participating, the organizers announced this week. Proceeds from ticket sales for the annual event will be used to build schools in developing countries in Asia and Africa.

According to the organizers, Yoko Ono and several Japanese artist such as Ayaka, Tamio Okuda, Tortoise Matsumoto and Aoi Miyazaki are scheduled to participate in the event.

Tickets will go on sale on Oct 18.

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Ah no not Yoko bloody Ono. Her being there is enough to put anyone from going.

Still she is using the fact that john Lennon was famous, to get attention.

Who are these others, who`s gonna call themselve Tortoise? Must have missed the queue when god was handing out common sense.

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That's it, Yoko: milk his Lennon's name for all it's worth.

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John Lennon live? I heard he was not alive enough to play live.


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John Lennon Super Live? That's the worst product naming since calling a liquid Asahi Super Dry.

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If you've seen a recent picture of Yoko you'll notice that time has not been to kind to her.

ticket sales for the annual event will be used to build schools in developing countries in Asia and Africa....

after they go thru her greedy little fingers and into her purse first....One for Me one for You..two for me one for you...three for me one for you!!

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Shes a Japanese wife alright. Hes been gone 28 years but she`s still making him work for her.

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She's a real money woman, sitting in her Dakota house, Man. Isn't it really all about the MONEY, man.

Where's Sean and his band? Is it On the Run?, man?

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