John Mellencamp plumbs mortality and regret in his new album


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Maybe he has some regrets of how he chose to live and treat people at time but Mellencamp also had his share of girls, just by riding by the local university. With national fame came the supermodels. Like Billy Joel and Bruce Springsteen, the exes were all beautiful. John’s daughters are now ‘stunning’ but his sons sometimes acted like ‘a couple of honery cusses’ - just like ‘Pops’ in his younger days. (Son ‘Speck’s artwork here of Dad is actually pretty good.)

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Coincidentally, watched Billy Joel’s 1990 “Live at Yankee Stadium” last night on BS Japan. On topic, Mellencamp discovered many of the multi-instrumentalists all three of 80’s native-born American sons recorded with and took on tour. Will give this Mellencamp a listen as well

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In my home state of Ohio, we nickname him 'John Hoosier Mellon Head' (it's an affectionate term, trust me). He's always been popular in the Midwest since I can remember. I have some Indiana relatives myself.

I've seen him live in concert four times, always thrilling, never the same set list, never the same settings. BION he is a devoted James Brown freak and he can even dance like the Godfather of Soul too. At one show he even sported a cape like him too.

He's had hits and misses thru his long career (who hasn't?) but the good far outweighs the weaker stuff.

We love him in Ohio and after the pandemic I'd love to see him again. He's our Hoosier Hero. And I can't wait to hear his new CD. He gets more mature over time, older and wiser.

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Regrets that he had fame and fortune, the average American will take a good part of his life

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