Johnny Depp exits 'Fantastic Beasts' franchise


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I respect his opinion.. but I won't respect that woman who accused him! She should resignated her role from Aquaman too!

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I respect his opinion.. but I won't respect that woman who accused him! She should resignated her role from Aquaman too!

So the younger Japanese males (using my deduction from your lexical and syntactical complexity) think that abused women have no rights. Wow! Or.....or is it that any abused woman is a liar and my "action movie idols are all gods, incapable of harming others? So much for progress from generation to generation in regards to basic humanity!

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I respect his opinion.. but I won't respect that woman who accused him!

Believe the abuser at all costs! Always doubt the victim! Even after a court case! Forget the evidence and the law! The attacker is the victim, the victim lies!

. . .

Effing idiot.

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Surprisingly, its actually only the first of the posts above could be considered decent

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" I'll be back "

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Good riddance.

And I say it with a heavy heart, being a JD fan for over 30 years.

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Depp beat his wife, no wonder the studio don’t want to associate with him anymore.

he was very arrogant to think he could sue a newspaper publishing the truth and t hen think he can get away with it, that or he was badly advised. If he thinks he can appeal he is still getting bad advice. He has no grounds to do so.

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I don't believe people who've done wrong should remain in Purgatory for ever. Johnny Depp hasn't committed murder or raped or kidnapped anyone. Neither has he driven a whole nation to the brink of civil war.

Johnny Depp was a great actor, before he got caught up in the Hollywood crapola and the addictions took over. Gilbert Grape, Dead Man, Ed Wood... what Johnny Depp needs to do is spend the required time in the wilderness to rehabilitate and then start taking smaller parts in indie movies, good roles to get back his mojo and his reputation. I'd love to see an older, wiser Johnny Depp turn his life around, do some meaningful work and shake off those demons that seem to have plagued him for the last couple of decades.

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I don't care about the verdict. His ex-girlfriends stood by him - can't remember an ex defending a potentially abusive mate before. I wish him good luck!

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Growing less and less fond of the Harry Potter universe, that I loved in my childhood. What, with JK being a transphobe and constantly problematic, and now Johnny Depp being forced to leave the Fantastic Beasts franchise (he was, imo, the only saving grace of that film series)

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It’s difficult to believe because he’s so cool. If he hated her that much, he’d have just walked away without ever looking back.

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