Depp testifies Heard attacked him, but he never hit back


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Depp is speaking from the heart or this is his bravura performance.

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Abuse can go both ways. Sometimes divorce is the best option.

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The release of the audio recording of Amber Heard admitting that she hits Johnny Depp (whilst calling him a 'baby' in the same audio) has hammered another nail in the coffin of her career.

The behaviour of her lawyer can't be ignored either. As Johnny Depp is still answering questions. Amber Heard's lawyer is talking over Johnny Depp, interrupting him, not giving him a voice.

This is the exact same mentally abusive behaviour that Amber Heard inflicted onto Johnny Depp and I hope that this isn't missed by the jury.

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There were times when I would just go and lock myself in the bathroom or a place where she couldn’t get to,” Depp said.

why didn't he just leave, walk out, let the situation defuse then return with a cool head and make a decision for his future. He had the means, unlike many in an abusive relationship with young children

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@ Lamilly,

Many people in abusive relationships find it extremely difficult to just leave, and walk out.

His testmony and the testimony of the others who have been brought in pain a very damning picture of Amber IMO.

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If a woman hits a guy it's seen as ' women's empowerment' ...check YouTube...lots of it on there..if a guy hits a woman, regardless of self defense or not, even though it seems it would have been here, it's seen as ' male violence towards women' . Depp allow himself to lack this female's absence of self control. If it had been the other way round and she had hit him, she would have been applauded. Women want equality... Cherry picked equality.

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Edit.... Depp didn't allow himself to lack this female's absence of self control.

Mods; why isn't there an edit option for comments??

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