Jolie details Brad Pitt abuse allegations in court filing


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Love turns into hate.

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and investigations by the FBI and Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services, both of which found that no action against Pitt was necessary.

The article should have stopped there.

But no,

More details of the allegations were revealed earlier this year when a Jolie lawsuit against the FBI over a Freedom of Information Act request was made public.

And then goes on to detail for more than half the article ALLEGATIONS, already dismissed by the FBI and child services.

Basically retelling what has already been said was not true by the legal system.

If any of these allegations had been true Pitt would have been charged and he wasn't.

So we are now reprinting tabloid trash.

Strange if it was the other way around the newspaper and reporters would be called out for not believing the woman or for being misogynistic.

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 and their six children were traveling from the winery

problem number one, taking 6 kids to a winery.

And what? No witnesses to any of this?

sounds like a trash story already

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Well, if you think about how they met and how he cheated on his then wife, seems like Karma.

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Sounds like he just lost it. Probably wasted out of his mind too. I always liked Pitt as an actor. Fight Club is one of my favorite movies, but if what Jolie is saying is true, I have lost all respect for him. Probably shouldn't come as a surprise after how he treated Jennifer Aniston.

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And now, in another tragicomedy chapter of our much loved and traditional section of...

"Pathetic little Hollywood stars and their salacious, vain and decadent lives"...

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Antique,just because no action was taking,do not mean it did not occur,lots of time,you have reluctant witness,that the prosecutor are insecure,to go forward with a case

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Um, I believe him. I don’t believe her.

She has tried to get this out for no other reason than to tarnish him for years.

Brad by his own admission used to abuse alcohol and it’s possible that his behavior may have been less than good.

But her behavior ever since filing has been of a woman out for revenge. Not a divorce, not protection, revenge.

Sounds crazy, looks crazy acts crazy. Maybe she’s crazy.

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I thought this was finished… oh wait… no that was Depp and Heard. Guess I need more popcorn.

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Sounds crazy, looks crazy acts crazy. Maybe she’s crazy.

I think there is an element of that. I’m sure Pitt is no angel, but her history of mental illness should have set off warning signs long before they were married.

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Think we have some Rashomon going on with this. I can totally believe freaking out while in a confined space with six kids (plus a wife you're fighting with). I don't know if I believe it 100%, though.

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I really like Brad Pitt. Angelina too. However, this was years ago and seems to me that Angelina has a bit way too much evil in her heart for Brand. She sold her half of the winery to a Russian company. Now that is evil.

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This is not the first time that Ms. Jolie has accused someone close to her of terrible behavior.

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Michael Machida

Today 08:33 am JST

Well, if you think about how they met and how he cheated on his then wife, seems like Karma.

Karma for who?

Remember she was part of the cheating, takes two to tango.

And remember it is her 3rd divorce 3 to 4 years each time

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and investigations by the FBI and Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services, both of which found that no action against Pitt was necessary.

I am wondering if this is another vindictive ex-wife situation like the Depp/Heard saga. She already sold her share of their partnered winery to their competitor out of spite. Why not try to defame him because you can not let go!

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Brad Pitt would never act like that. Jolie is vindictive abd simply making it all up in an attempt to ruin his career. Dismiss this case!

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We thought that their marriage was all Jolie but it turns out that it was the Pitts......

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She said, he said, but it takes two to tango. Solomon would be hard-pressed by these two love birds, but he'd probably take note of Jolie's crazy-coot dad and rule "diminished responsibility".

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He should have stayed with Jennifer Aniston. Way hotter then and now. Doesn't seem like a loon either.

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The first rule about Fight club is Mr and Mrs. Smith don't talk about Fight club

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Is this Heard-Depp all over again?

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The descriptions of abuse on the private flight came in a cross-complaint Jolie filed in the couple's dispute over a French home and winery they co-owned that is separate from their ongoing divorce, which she sought soon after.

"Ongoing" divorce? I thought they divorced years ago...?

Proof that I'm not into the celebrity-gossip press, I guess...

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Men that have hatred of women, generally have hatred of their mother,this should be a sign for a woman,the way she will be treated

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Gonna side with Brad on this one. Bs before Hs.

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She is a despicable woman pulling straws because she lost the battle of public opinion big time.

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Given the opportunity to be there most people reading this would think, "How cool is this that I am riding in a private jet?!"

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Ms. Jolie has accused other people of terrible behavior toward her, but as far as I am aware, she is the only one accusing Mr. Pitt of terrible behavior. There seems to be a pattern.

I wish only the best for her, but, I am suspicious of any allegations she makes.

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