Joni Mitchell still struggling to walk following 2015 brain aneurysm

By Jesse Grant

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It may sound a bit mean to say this, but the article mentions Prince and the Joni Mitchell lyric he quotes in one of his greatest songs, "The Ballad of Dorothy", is "Help me, I think I'm falling....".

(the JM song is called "Help Me" and is wonderful)

Joni Mitchell is a true great. More people should listen to her and not that bland breathy acoustic cover version cr@p you hear in cafes everywhere.

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"But I mean, I'm a fighter. I've got Irish blood!"

Indeed. Lots of Irish blood in the Americas. JMs song she recorded with The Chieftains " The Magdalene Laundries" would make anyone rage.

Stay with us, Joni Mitchell.

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This story first appeared 5 years ago.

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