Judge rejects Amber Heard's demand for new Depp trial


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thank you, your honor.

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Thank you for allowing commentary on this subject. Most MSM have stuck by their support for Amber Heard over the past 6 years without allowing comments from readers. From their commentary it is obvious the writers did not watch the trial. I agree that initially Amber Heard should have been believed. Every woman is owed that respect. But once there has been a court hearing and the jurors have determined that she was lying about the assault and was doing so with malice, that should have been the end of it. The #MeToo Movement should guarantee a woman an impartial investigation and nothing more, nothing less. Amber Beard had that.

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I was hoping for a new trial where the new jury awards him double as last time.

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God, she's so cringey lol

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Jury misconduct is reason for a new trial,even after years after a verdict,this was some technical theory they floated

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Good. Now can everybody get on to bigger issues?

Amber can always write a 'wah' book, tell her sob story on a TV talk show for who else cares, 'find Jesus' and become a new age 'motivational speaker' for those dumb enough to believe her. Or she can take her lumps like a real woman and quit being such a crybaby. She makes the real victims afraid to stand up and that's a disgrace. Shame on her!

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What a golddigger this woman is.

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Lamilly and Fear and Loathing.

You can believe what you like. Amber produced no evidence. In fact the proof she did produce contradicted her testimony's. She blatantly lied on the stand under oath. Her lawyer has now lied.

Your views on the case are quite simply all incorrect and without substance.

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