Juice WRLD death sends shudder through 'SoundCloud rap' world


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No matter the cause, it is sad to hear that someone so young has died.

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Sad for someone to die so young.

I've listened to his songs and Juice was talented.

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Never heard of her.

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Rest in peace Juice. He was way too young and turned 21 on Dec 3rd I believe. Dying a few days afterwards is absolutely heartbreaking. It doesn't help that he predicted his death.

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Never heard him, just like Rocky ASAP

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It doesn't help that he predicted his death.

Well, when you swallow a load of opioids to avoid them being found by the PO-lice, this tends to happen.

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This is what's wrong with today's hip hop scene. We went from clever rhymes and stories of tough upbringings to drug dealing promotion and now, the worst of it all, drug use promotion. As if that wasn't enough, not only is hip hop as a genre being destroyed because of this, but it also takes young, talented people with it.

I love and grew up with hip hop. While I think it's perfectly fine to promote girls, sex, cars, houses, and money, it's hip hop after all, drug use and its promotion should not be tolerated.

The absolute worst of all this is that, very slowly but definitely surely, it's making this look "cooler" to the younger generations.

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21 is no age at all. Another talented young life snuffed out. RIP.

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