Julio Iglesias reflects on a life that 'has been a miracle'


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I've followed Julio Iglesias for some time now. His personal life was a bit of a mess from what I've read. But every article I have read where he is being interviewed the guy comes across very humble and thankful for his life. He seems genuinely nice, somebody you could sit down and have a cup of coffee with and then feel good about life in general after you both have finished and go your own way. Ahhhh maybe I'm wrong, it's just my opinion.

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Wow! What a wonderful and nice person!

"To all the girls I've loved before, that came and walked right through my door. I dedicate this song..."

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To all the girls I've loved before

Who travelled in and out my door

I'm glad they came along

I dedicate this song

To all the girls I've loved before

To all the girls I once caressed

And may I say I've held the best

For helping me to grow

I owe a lot I know

To all the girls I've loved before

The winds of change are always blowing

And every time I try to stay

The winds of change continue blowing

And they just carry me away

To all the girls who shared my life

Who now are someone else's wives

I'm glad they came along

I dedicate this song

To all the girls I've loved before

To all the girls who cared for me

Who filled my nights with ecstasy

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he does seem like a humble and cool guy. He sure can make the women squirm in their seats. Bad toupee, however.

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Is that a toupee? Looks better than mine.

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