Junichi Ishida apologizes at movie preview for son’s misconduct


Actor Junichi Ishida, 55, was the special guest this week at a preview screening of “La Boheme,” which begins showing at cinemas nationwide from Feb 14, but the media were more interested in his son’s recent scandal reported in a women’s weekly magazine.

Issei Ishida, 34, who lived with actress Chiharu Kawai, 35, and whose relationship became public in March 2007, was reported last month to be also seeing a female friend he had known since childhood, and who has had an abortion and attempted suicide three times. Kawai has since moved out of his apartment. Issei’s contract with his agency was not renewed at the end of last month.

Junichi said he was also very sorry for what his son had done, and said he had met Issei on Monday. “Issei is truly sorry, and I think he deeply regrets his behavior. Now would be a good time for him to rethink everything.”

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A number of things could be said about this story, which seems very bizarre to a non-Japanese.

Why are the media so concerned about this non-crime to the point that they hound, or otherwise humiliate, a 34-year-old man's father about it?

Where is the real scandal and "misconduct" here? The fact that the son dumped his childhood friend after getting her pregnant to shack up with the actress who recently left him? The fact that he'd have a continuing relationship with someone behind a celebrity's back? (In other words, it is not the cheating; it's who you're cheating on?)

To quote Yul Brynner: "Is a puzzlement!"

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I love how 'talent' agencies, at the first sign of a 'talento' being even a little bit of a problem, dump them. Life-time employment? Loyalty? Support? Responsibility? Remember when these things were said in the same sentence as 'Japan'?

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This is a man who hops from bed to bed without a second thought, but he has to apologize for his son's behavior? Anyway, this guy loves to be gossiped about.

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It's ridiculous how Japanese celebrities have to apologise about their private lives, and even the private lives of their family members. If his son wants to have an affair, so what. Millions of people do it every day. As for the bad example he sets, most Japanese kids just need to look at their fathers; they don't need to pick up any bad habits from famous people.

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What kind of role-model is he for his son when his only claim to fame is being a womanising playboy?

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Notginger - what's even more ridiculous is that the men involved in these scandals often get their wives/mothers/fathers to apologise for them so they don't have to face the cameras.

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Seems to be the latest in a long line of scandals regarding this gentleman. I seem to remember some issues with the police as well. However, don't quote me on that because I don't want the aforesaid police to send me to the prosecutors for spreading malicious gossip.

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I don't get it. Japanese are known for cheating and when famous folks are busted everyone seems to make a big deal out of it. Why?? Taro up the street has more girlfriends than his wife can count and yet, she sticks with him. Mind you, probably because she doesn't want to work...

If anything it sounds like he was cheating on the childhood friend, not the actress.

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How childish,a father apologizing for a 35 year old son....

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People please get a life! Quit living through these talentless "Talento" and get off your butt and do something. Here are a few suggestions if you are having a hard time finding direction.

Become Political: Japan is sinking economically and run by a bunch of dull grey leeches who have no intention of making things better. Get out there and get involved politically to help save your country from decline.

Get a hobby. Other than shopping or mimicking "talento" style.

Do some volunteer work: The elderly, children and communities need help. Focus this energy where it will help someone.

Kill your television. This mindless crap that dominates TV here is melting your minds. Read, learn, socialize, connect with people, or something. Please.

This is not news. This is tabloid non-sense. And not even interesting nonsense.

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Yeah, I keep thinking that my attempts to watch TV are poorly timed, because every time I turn it on, it's mindless drivel talk-shows and talent-o. These dull stars' lustre begins to wear off about three days after they hit the limelight.

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I forgot to finish: And now I'm coming to accept that there just isn't really anything good to watch on TV here, rather than it being my timing.

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Well, if i were him i would tell the media to pissoff but then i would have to explain why i did that and then my son would have to apologise for me. its a vicious cycle

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Thepro may be right on target. Notice the age difference between father and son, Junichi had Issei at age 20 or 21. Not so much time to mature before actually having a child.

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