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Junichiro Koizumi moves into voice acting to become Ultraman King


Former Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi, 67, has agreed to be the voice of Ultraman King in “Mega Monster Battle - Ultra Galaxy Legend: The Movie,” after his son and first-term House of Representatives member Shinjiro Koizumi, 28, urged him to accept the part.

The role is the first of its kind for Koizumi and he initially refused, but Shinjiro, a big fan of the Ultraman series, called him to say he should do it - that it was just his voice and he didn’t have to act or anything in the movie. Koizumi recalled memories of watching the show with Shinjiro and his eldest son Kotaro, 31, and he agreed to take the job.

He began voice recording last month, with staff in the studio saying he was impressive and that they were reminded of his grand speeches during his career as a politician. One of his lines read: “We have to continue the fight, and support the weak. Rise again, warriors of the Land of Light. For peace and justice! For all the universe!”

His character Ultraman King is considered to be the god or elder of all Ultra heroes, with a height of 58 meters and a top flight speed of Mach 10. He lives on his own on the King Planet, and is said to be 300,000 years old.

Koizumi said he was looking forward to watching the finished product and lauded it for being something all generations of the family can enjoy.

“Ultra Galaxy Legend: The Movie” opens in cinemas on Dec 12.

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Is this a form of amakudari?

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his son and first-term House of Representatives member Shinjiro Koizumi, 28, urged him to accept the part

I'm glad Koizumi's son is taking his job seriously.

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im glad koizumis son is where he is today. Much nepotism is japanese politics?

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This kind of thing is why Japanese are not 'cool' people. A line has to be drawn between the people and 'The Man'.

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In the past, leaders of stature would never do things to undermine their legacy or to detract from their past accomplishments. I guess this is a good example of why there aren't many great leaders any more.

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Hope he speaks more fluently than the start/stop style when he was PM...horrible voice.

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Fair enough. This might put Koizumi on the short-list for the Nobel Peace Prize next year, because its seems that standards are slipping.

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67 ? he's almost old enough to be prime minister again

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My favourite Japanese PM is Junichiro Koizumi.

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Awesome, does he get to sing any Elvis tunes? Seriously though I can't really bag on Koizumi, he was one of Japan's few charismatic leaders.

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Why does King Ultraman need a beard?

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Plot leak shows that Koizumi wants to privatize the King Planet.

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