Justin Bieber engaged to model Baldwin: reports

By Jason Merritt

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1 month.. Get the divorce story ready for printing too.

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Prenuptial agreement Justin. My 2 cents.

Who really cares anyways.

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I’m from Canada, and from the start I could not stand him. He is a punk and will always be a punk and very unlikely to ever change. I see this as a one day and or a week marriage at best.

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For a dude who acts tough with all this macho behaviour and tattoos, he sure is very skinny.

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He abruptly ended his global tour last year after more than 150 shows, explaining that he was trying to deal with his insecurities.

And this coming from a guy who now says he's ready to commit to marriage less than 12 months later, only after dating for one month? I suppose I should never underestimate (or preferably understand) the power of a BS Hollywood romance story.

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In spite of this news the world keeps turning

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This is clearly a match made in heaven if they decided to marry after a month.  I look forward to seeing Justin's children being born and growing up in a happy, loving, balanced family environment.

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A lot seem to be fixated on the fact they’ve only been dating for one month. Note that it’s one month this time. They have known each other for some years and previously dated, splitting up in 2016.

Not that I’d necessarily bet on them ever celebrating their golden wedding anniversary, but it’s not like they just met and ran off to the alter right away.

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He is only 24? Seems like he has been around for decades now.

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His and Selena's best songs seem to be when they're on-again off-again rocky relationship, like they're talking to each other thru their lyrics

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