Justin Bieber kicks off 2020 comeback with new single


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his new song is probably 'Yucky'. Justin Bieber is the Leif Garrett of the 21st Century. His fan base has hopefully moved on.

At least when I was growing up and the girls had Rick Springfield on their HS locker doors, he knows how to write music and he acted on the TV soap 'General Hospital'.

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I'd heard that Bieber was eager to move on from shallow teen pop music and wanted to be treated more seriously as a musician, to reflect the depth of his character and experience. I was sceptical, but, my god, he really seems to have pulled it off with 'You got that yummy-yum'. Take that, you naysayers!

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"What are you going to do when the bubble bursts?

To which John replied "Well, I don't want to be singing 'She Loves You' when I'm thirty."

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