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Justin Bieber lashes out at media's 'countless lies' about him


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i don't belieb this article

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This youngster needs to team up with an established star like Madonna that can easily take the heat off him. -The way he is going now he seems to be losing it like Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan etc. And what were those handlers thinking/doing? ---> fire those people that doubt you and get your train rolling.

-Poor quality handlers if you ask me. "canceled a concert, collapsed on stage and had a run-in with paparazzi" --> none of that should ever have happened. Where were the handlers?

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I smell diva.

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badsey3Mar. 16, 2013 - 06:42AM JSTThis youngster needs to team up with an established star like Madonna that can easily take the heat off him.

Maybe he's got inferioirty complex for being short and spoiled at young age. At 19, he needs to be around some good role model and learn about staying grounded. There are good Canadian musicans, such as Neil Young, Celine Dion, Diana Krall, Gordon Lightfoot and NBA MVP Steve Nash from Vancouver. They are not all bizarre. It's Just that they have long winter and they go through hibernation like the moose.

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Justin who?

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"I’ve worked my ass off to get where I am..."

Oooh, what's this .... 'Tales from the casting couch' ?

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This kid's going to go down in flames -- and probably have a coronary in the process.

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Well, that is what it takes to be a celebrity. However bad or disliked, they don't deserve it I think. Tabloids and such kiosk toilet paper grade newspapers' journalists or writers should get a life.

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“I’m 19 with 5 number one albums, 19 and I’ve seen the whole world. 19 and I’ve accomplished more than I could’ve ever dreamed of, i’m 19 and it must be scary to some people to think that this is just the beginning,” he wrote.

Big headed much?.....

You wait till you're forgotten in a few years buddy. I look forward to seeing you on one of those where are they now? shows in 10-15 years time...

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I can already see Beiber and Lindsay Lohan hooking up. This kid is hanging with the wrong people.

On the other hand I suspect that the record label and publicist have cut him off from his family. Parents know when their children are in trouble. They need to slow him down.

Get back in school and balance this kid out. He's got too much money and too much free time.

But you never know when it comes to drug abuse. I remember Robert Downey Jr. He was able to recover and now he's doing great things. Hopefully Beiber can nip his drug problems in the bud right now. Just might save his life and his future.

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at least learn how to pull up your pants!!

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'' I am NOT a POOPOO face!'' says Justine. I am just a normal teenage girl!

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Its all incredibly sad. He had a talent, and it was milked to death by the industry machine. People may have thought they were helping him achieve success, but does the definition of success not include being a well balanced human being? He's now tipped over the edge into a world of self adulation, and his appeal to a very specific demographic is going to evaporate as they get older and hopefully wiser. What the article missed was the fact that being 2 hours late was just part of the issue - it was school night and the scheduled 8:30 start was already late for many young kids - many had to leave before he started so they could catch the last train home. All because he wanted to have a tantrum. For your own sake, grow up.

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Look at his new 'best friends;' 2 rappers, one of whom has already crashed his Fisker sports car, and now is only allowed to drive his custom Range Rover....they do not appear to have a steadying influence on him. But it all goes back to his management, or the 20% exploiters as they are also known...

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Welcome in the world of pop stardom Mr. Biber! Just have went indie and make cool music instead!

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Wearing a gas mask in London? ... that would be like wearing a radiation tag in Hiroshima. Does this kid have no cultural sensitivity at all?

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Gas mask... well, he did say Michael Jackson was his inspiration. And anyone who has beeb to London knows how rampant the cooties run...

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buchailldana @ you said it!

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"Singing Dancing Boy Upset"


"LOS ANGELES –After tuckering himself out this week and cancelling his popular musical shows, sources confirmed that the singing dancing boy is very upset, and is refusing to get dressed up and sing and dance again until he’s feeling all better."

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I was actually more impressed that he was dating Selena Gomez than everything else he said.

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This spoilt little get has a face I would never get bored of slapping.

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"Justin Bieber lashes out"

Somehow I just can't see Justin Bieber lashing out.

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Justin Bieber collapses on a stage while 63 year old Bruce Springsteen plays 3 and a half hours every night of a tour lasting 2 years. Kids these days...

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The fat that he says he worked his ass off as opposed to just being talented and inspired speaks volumes for the modern pop phenomenon. And yes, the opress can be cruel and largely based on lies, but they are also a big part of his success. As he outgrows his fan base and starts doing grown up stuff he will find his appeal dwindling fast.

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He hasn't been out of school long enough to have "worked his ass off". He seems to expect the world owes him something for his modest contribution to our lives.

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Oh dear oh dear, what a (door)knob. All the media attention about some scrote back in LA driving his motors just screams of poor little Justin being used..just a little. Not the sharpest tool in the shed..but a tool nonetheless.

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Reasons to watch CSI


-2 ( +1 / -3 )

No fan of him (because, for one, I'm beyond his age-range), but at least give Bieber some props: he's worked more for his own success than talent-agency-factory-manufactured pop acts who just followed whatever their masters told them to do, and then hoisted to us whether we asked for them or not, and then thrown out when they age too old for their fanbase.

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he doesn't have any props and what you say is likely what will happen to him too.

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Lost, with you on this.

Why the hate? He hasn't killed anyone, hasn't been caught drinking and driving like half of Hollywood, isn't abusive, isn't promoting "thug life" like half of music industry... The kid is 19 and has been touring and putting out albums for years. He HAS worked his butt off. Why don't you guys try living out of a suitcase for as long as this poor kid has? I'm not a fan of his music but christ the media is nasty. Think back to you all being 19 and what you did. The only difference between us and him is that he's got paps following him 24/7 and he doesn't get a chance to just relax and be who he is. That and his money. Which he's worked hard for. I wish him luck and wish the media would leave him for a bit.

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A pound to a penny this scrote is in rehab within five years.

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Sometimes I don't envy celebrities their fame... They have millions of fans, truckloads of money and they travel the world. But in reality, their lives are more restricted than the average Joe's.

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If the media is lying, then sue them. If they aren't, then shut up and grow up.

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@C Harald Hansen...to be fair they did wish for and (in some cases at least) work for the life they have. Being famous means being under the scrutiny of some unpleasant people but...I dont see a lack of youngsters wanting to be or being made famous so it cant be all that bad. My advice..create a diversion with a reality show.

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Before anybody starts feeling sorry for bieber, remember that countless kids in London had paid for tickets and for him to show up to his own concert 2 hours late. Generally shows the contempt to the public which has filled his pockets.

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The kid passed out after? Ever thought he was late because he was ill?? They don't get sick days like the rest of us you know.

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I'm not a fan but don't feel the need to bash him. 19 years old, he's still a kid. Show your age and cut him some slack..

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I don't know if Biebes knows this or not but when you you become famous and get in that lime light, you are an open target to whatever the media wants to say... it's all a business! They report on stories, true or false and get paid to sell a lot of juicy gossip. Just the way it is, so toughen up Biebes or you will be on the same one way trip to disasterville as Lindsay Lohan was. p.s. not a fan.

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like the "lies" that proclaim him an irrelevant 'teen-driven' musical annoyance? Good luck with that Justin.

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