Justin Bieber leads nominees for 2021 MTV Video Music Awards


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I have the exact same question @BB. I think that the Beaver kid wrote his own when younger, and has a recording studio in his homes, and I believe Taylor writes her own.

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Do these people really compose the music and write the lyrics.

Or are they just "recording artists"

Some do, some don't. To be honest, those who don't provide great opportunities for older songwriters/producers who aren't pretty kids. If you have the talent but not the looks, find a good looking kid who can sing, write songs for them, produce them and promote them.

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Justin Bieber leads this year’s list of nominees at the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards, followed closely by Megan Thee Stallion, Billie Eilish, BTS, Doja Cat, Drake, Giveon, Lil Nas X and first-time nominee Olivia Rodrigo.

I'm having trouble associating the word "music" with that list of nominees: I wouldn't cross the street to see any of them. Must be getting old.

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When you nothing about the music business why not make a comment - sounds about right.

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He'll make a belieber out of you yet

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Says it all

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Still one of my favourite gags:

"Music world plunged into mourning as Justin Bieber found alive"

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How fitting “WAP” is also up for song of the year, alongside LMFAO if you know what the aconym means then you would know why I am laughing!! I am sure those words are heard every night last and day!!! Every minute on the hour WAP!!!

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