Justin Bieber on drug abuse: 'It was legit crazy scary'


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I-It's not like I care or anything!

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Who cares?

It's always weird when someone comments this, because they clearly show that they do, by having answered. People who truly don't care don't even bother clicking on the article, much less commenting on it.

So the real question is, why are you in denial about caring enough to post on this topic?

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Who cares?

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Bieber said he started using marijuana when he was about 13,

That's how it usually starts.

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Just the other day he was blaming lyme disease.

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I am old enough to be this guys grandfather, but I feel sorry for him. Don't like the music at all but that is generational.

If this "Kid" pulls through this, then at least we will not see another video like "The Last 24 Hours of Presley, Michael, Prince, etc" That is a good thing.

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Was it wacky, wacky crazy, crazy or just legit crazy scary?

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Oh cry me a river.

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