Justin Bieber opens up on drug abuse, weight of fame

By Jamie McCarthy

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When everything is done for you all the time whenever you want it, it's hard to be "normal".

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Are we supposed to feel sorry for him?

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Human problems are with us all. Don't really care about him and nothing about showering a few with unimaginable fortune is going to change, most people like fantasies of themselves being so fortunate. Anyway, whatever...

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I wish him all the best.

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Are we supposed to feel sorry for him?

No. But sudden fame and wealth are far more disorienting than most people are aware - especially when it happens to some too young to have figured out life yet.

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Awwww cry me a river.

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Seems like a decent guy. Just stay away from drugs and meds.

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Who is this Jason Bieber fellow?

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