Justin Bieber says he is determined to 'stay humble'


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yeah, compare that to his hissy fit when he was stopped for speeding.

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He's got potential but in reality, his music is not really good. He makes himself half black, a quarter white and the rest gangster... He reminds me of Marky Mark but without the muscles. He should try acting. Actors are mostly fakers anyway...

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people that say they want to stay humble are not humble. Humility is action not words.

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Oh yeah. He's real humble in that Lamborghini Gallard.

Mom!!!!!!!!! I'm going to store to get some Doritos. I'll be right back. Justin, are you taking the Prius? Nah, I'm taking the Gallard. The Prius doesn't have gas in it.

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Actors are mostly fakers anyway...??????????????????????????????////

Isn't that the definition of acting?

I'm a Belieber, even if he is a bit of a dick.

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My best piece of advice for Bieber is learn what 'German' means so he isn't quite as humiliated as he has been in the past. Much as I dislike the lad and his music, though, I hope he can mature into a real talent, and to do that he DEFINITELY needs to not let it all get to his head more than he has done already.

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why does everyone hate this guy. He seems like a nice guy, he obviously has a lot of talent and who cares if he does not have huge muscles. Usually guys who grow big muscles, grow big egos, try to push people around and are jurks. Girls would rather want a sensative guy who uses his brains rather than muscles

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I agree with avenger. I don't understand why so many posters in this discussion seem to dislike him so much. Considering his age and his sudden popularity, etc, I think he is handling it quite well. I think it is a sing that family brought him up rather well.

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Talk about Freudian slips!

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JB sucks

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Lets see how many people love him when his voice breaks.

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Considering his age and his sudden popularity

That's why they hate him - because he's famous and they're not. He became famous by doing what everyone else does: posting videos on YouTube and hoping someone worthwhile sees them.

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why does everyone hate this guy.

It's classic tall poppy syndrome. We resent him because he was a nobody - just like us - who in a short period of time somehow managed to become one of the most recognized pop idols in the world. We hate him because he is handsome, filthy rich, jet sets the world, and is mobbed millions of girls, while we are stuck behind computers in our offices slaving away at dead-end jobs, and feel lucky if a cute girl will maybe give us a sheepish smile on the train during our commute home.

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Baby baby baby oh

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Not really talented but, posting on YT got this kid a lucky break. I wish him and family more luck and to keep away from the fame and pills,

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So much hidden jealousy among JB haters on this site.


The guy's enjoying what he's doing and no, he's not as good a singer as some other people but who really cares?

He's sold 15 million albums - that way more than anyone here on JT will ever sell.

What's wrong with just letting a guy be?

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Despite his looks, charm, wealth, and fame I don't think that everybody is taken by Justin Bieber and that probably includes many top celebrities. For every hater, there is probably at least a hundred believers. He is hated and loved in equal measure and maybe that's what makes him so special. Either way, his infamy is making him more famous, and his fame ironically, attracts more haters. His fame and infamy continues to fuel each other like a vicious Bieber circle. Hence music is subjective and what many feel is that his music is really bad and they probably think it's unfair that he gets so much attention while many good musicians languish in anonymity. Sadly today most youngsters don't really understand music.

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For every hater, there is probably at least a hundred believers. He is hated and loved in equal measure

Interesting grasp of maths there.

As for staying humble, it seems that battle's already been lost. I have a few friends working for US TV companies, and he is by all accounts the ghastliest little primadonna one could imagine. On the plus side, he does eat quite a lot of bogies when food is demanded.

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He's 18 folks. Think back to how ignorant you were at that age. You're adults who are poking fun of a kid who has been in the spotlight for years now. He's got a tonne of cash and chicks throwing themselves at him.. What does he do? Buys a flash car and stays with his girlfriend of over a year, keeps his family close... Seems pretty grounded to me considering what he could be doing.

yeah, compare that to his hissy fit when he was stopped for speeding. I'd have a hissyfit too if someone was trying to take pictures of me every damn time I went outside. I'm not a fan of his but christ, leave the kid alone sometimes.

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Jealous? Of a precocious, annoying little muppet? Does that make the AKB48-haters also jealous of them for their beauty and popularity?

The main reason I don't like him? Not my kind of music.

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It's hard to stay humle in a chrome-mirror Fisker Karma.

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