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Justin Bieber stirs up Mexico City with free show for 200,000 fans


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Like AKB48 fans, hahaha.

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who cares? Bieber sucks

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Baby! Baby! Baby! I love his music!!!

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Darryl Woodrow Jun. 14, 2012 - 09:22AM JST who cares? Bieber sucks

I am assuming that the comments of above is a adult. Justin Bieber is all of, what, 16? He’s not excessively talented: His voice is accurate but thin; his dancing, at best, is competent. Those adults who feel they 'are called' to take a 'kid' entertainer apart. I am not interested in JB's music but each time I've seen him on a late night show, he has carried himself very, very well. He is very intelligent and has a very laid-back charm that a lot of adults can only wish for. If you look at all of the other young entertainers and put them under a microscope, some of them will not fare as well as JB. How many young or adult entertainers can draw 200,000 in one concert, even if it's free?

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