Justin Bieber suffers concussion in Paris


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I would love to have his lifestyle! He is the man. I recommend all of his songs. He can even rap;check out the song "Ladies Love Me". Whoa der, whoa der baby, you just need to stop!

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Didn't Justin 'Rambo' Beiber allegedly just beat up a photographer in LA? Maybe his PR team have decided that kind of image was bad, so a touch of the hurt and vulnerable was necessary?

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Sounds like he's going old school. Assaulting the papparazzi, falling down on stage. Pukin on the fans is next?

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With a concussion, lurching around the stage and slurring his words are next - prompting the tabloids to claim he performed while drunk.

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I would have kicked him in the head while he was down.

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Poor "Baby"...

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Hahaha, Justin Bieber, whatever his detractors might say, is a force to be reckoned with in his own right. He came close to having a country's capital put in a state of emergency.

P.S. I don't listen to Bieber nor like his songs.

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The singer quickly posted on Twitter that he was doing well, joking about the incident and saying “gotta laugh at yourself sometimes.”

....you might as well, everyone else is laughing at you too!

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Fadamore-I assumed the concussion was because he was drunk( or stoned), but I shouldn't have jumped to that. He is a hard working young man trying to deal with what life has given him, and his is perfect. WZ -WW in L).

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If your life is the pits and you need to lash out I guess Bieber is a good target. Just remember, we know it has more to do with not liking his music.

My life is pretty good. Its why I agree with vinnyfav.

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Hopefully his 37 yr old Dad is not too worried.

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I remember about a couple years ago, Bieber visited Singapore.. only a few girls showed up at Changi Airport. AKB48 visits, it was a riot compared to the reception for the Bieb.

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