Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift big winners at Billboard Awards


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The mind boggles. Bieber "for musical innovation and ingenuity"?? Swift “You are the longest and best relationship I’ve ever had.”?? Will they all be popping by for a bit of her sweet loving?

"Madonna strode onstage to accept the accolade from will.i.am, wearing black fishnet stockings, garters and a padlock choker." Talk about mutton dressed as lamb........

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Prince..........ultimate icon. Nuff said.......

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Bieber was also booed a bit. Someone else was too but I can't remember who.

The Miguel leg drop was awesome, like he was coached by Hulk Hogan: https://vine.co/v/b9q1DJrUFMa

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I saw Miguel's leg drop on that girl. It was brutal.

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I loved the part when Beiber tried to hush the obvious booing by thanking Jesus Christ,....while wearing sunglasses.

Ms. Swift has made herself radioactive on the dating scene, so... cry us a river.

As for Madonna... Where to start? Oh yeah, clothes.

Prince gives the biggest diss of all to this institutionalized narcissism by playing but refusing to talk.

Remember when it was the music first, everything else second? Yeah, that was nice....

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I would also boo him after what he did at the Hotel Sacher(he is banned there now) and his little pet-monkey got seized and he refuses to pick Jim up from German customs. The monkey got a new home in Germany now.

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Justin who?

Any sane person who actually enjoys GOOD music should be saying the same thing.

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All the HATRED for BIEBER is complete JEALOUSY !! I am NO BIG FAN of the Bieber but I know he is a talented singer and an artist.. Why dont you guyz leave him alone n let him do what he wants to do...

As a music lover i just wish he brings better n better songs to listen to..

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