Justin Timberlake's new album '20/20' due out in March


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Super Bowl>>>>Justin Timberlake's album or performance

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Literally thousands of tone-deaf 5 and 6 years olds must be thrilled!!!!!

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Literally thousands of tone-deaf 5 and 6 years olds must be thrilled!!!!!

He's not Bieber :))

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I am just overcome with trepidation.

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He can actually do comedy.

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It used to be that a person who could sing, dance and act was a big deal. Judging by the comments above, that's no longer the case. C'mon, people!!! Dick in a Box!!!

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Jayman, may I suggest you check out JohnBecker's recommendation and google "dick in a box". Carefully. What you're looking for is a "lonelyisland" video on youtube. There's actually a 3 song series.

Justin Timberlake is so much more than just a boyband grad. He's got an awesome sense of humour.

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He is every tired cliche and unimaginative instance of song writing. He is a product of calculated revenue making - he is as far from the idea of "music as art and expression" as can be imagined in the modern music world. Find an actual musician and ask them their 'opinion' on Timberlake and see if it differs far from mine own.

Yes he can act ... on a level similar to his music. Popcorn, relaxing, brain-dead entertainment.

He has exactly zero contribution and influence in the artform we call music.

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