K-pop concert in Hyogo canceled due to organizer's bankruptcy


A "Hallyu" or "Korean Wave" pop concert due to be held in Japan has been canceled after the company organizing the event filed for bankruptcy.

The event, originally scheduled for June 30 and July 1 at the Hyogo Prefectural Tajima Dome, was to feature KARA, Rainbow and Choshinsung. However, the event has been cancelled after the company organizing the event, Infini Japan, filed for bankruptcy, Nikkan Sports reported.

Credit reporting agency Tokyo Shoko Research estimates the debt of Infini Japan to be in the range of tens of millions of yen. Rumors of poor ticket sales have also been circulating in the Japanese press.

In a statement to the press, DSP Media, the company that manages KARA and Rainbow, said: "We were surprised to see the announcement in the Japanese press. We have not received official confirmation from the company in question. We feel the fans have been hurt the most and we apologize to everyone who was disappointed by the cancellation."

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That's too bad.. Definite case of mismanagement. There would have been ticket buyers for sure...

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at last, the SK began to make recoupment their promotion spendings..

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BS on the 'poor ticket sales' thing -- this concert would have sold out easily.

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K-pop is out of fashion,finally

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lol yay good news for me! lol so true tomoki!

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I agree that the concert should have sold out easily, but I wonder what the pricing was like and how easy it was to order tickets. Too bad for the fans, and the K-Pop groups involved.

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tomoki: "K-pop is out of fashion,finally"

You sound bitter. Why does it upset people like you so much that K-pop outshines J-pop by a mile and a half? Just yesterday fans were SCREAMING at the arrival of the K-pop boy band 2pm, so no, unlike most trends in Japan is seems addressing superior music won't die out after a couple of months.

terebiko: Japan has gotten a LOT better at how it distributes tickets than it was in the past. In the past one person could, if they so wished, order ALL the tickets at once, then sell them online for jacked up prices. Now they limit the number any one person can buy, and leave a certain amount open for a kind of lottery. It sounds like the company was simply banking on quick sales to fill their coffers and cover their debts, but it didn't come soon enough.

As for the lack of sales thing, again, that is just as the article says, a 'rumor'. Probably planted to make some Japanese feel more secure that an SK concert was cancelled -- would make the black truck drivers happy.

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After reading things like this, I have my doubts about the so-called "korean wave"

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tomoki: "K-pop is out of fashion,finally"

Hear, hear. And about time. K-pop is just a poor clone of J-pop, which has a longer history, a bigger following worldwide, and a stronger foundation that is the Japanese music industry compared to the passing fad that is this so-called "korean wave."

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I've heard some good japanese music over the years theres good pop and theres bad pop which most good jpop you won't ever here in mainstream media you gotta search around locally for great unpromoted singers, but the anime ish pop erks me but im more drawn to kpop, after getting into kpop in after around 2001, atleast it has some good vibes and beats to it, I don't care who be copying who it sounds good, it has style so enjoy, life to short to worry about who is original or not cause artist worldwide inspire off others if you don't know.

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Shame you Organizers..

Better you borrow money from Korea .

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considering the popularity of kpop here from lovers of good music, and the unpopularity of kpop from extreme nationalists, I suspect something dirty led to the cancellation of the event....poor ticket sales? I'm not buying it

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