Kanye West posts series of rambling late night tweets


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Sounds like the perfect replacement for the incumbent chap...,

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Rambling, incoherent late night tweets. Look out Donald. He is stealing a page from your playbook.

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Rambling, incoherent late night tweets. Look out Donald. He is stealing a page from your playbook.

I was going to make the same joke - too slow.

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Just when we thought that you couldn’t get worse than Trump, along comes this fruitcake.

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Somebody get the Dept. of Mental Health Security on this guy. West is slipping.

8 ( +9 / -1 )

Drunk tweeting is seldom good.

Or perhaps we just needed to hear them in a rap? Perhaps then they are brilliant?

Kanye West isn't like Nelson Mandela until AFTER spending 25+ yrs locked up on Robbin Island with a 12 ft by 4ft cell and a bucket for home. I've seen Nelson Mandela's cell. Kanye wouldn't last a week there ... without A/C.

I'd never heard of Kanye West until he married that woman.

4 ( +6 / -2 )

While I have never liked his Narcissism, nor his “Music”, I think Kanye is suffering from a serious mental break that begs for an intervention ala Britany. Left to his own devices, this won’t end well.

7 ( +8 / -1 )

Enough of this guy! He is a delusional psycho who badly needs a doctor's constant care.

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I loved Kanye's first 2-3 albums then things went downhill from his autotuned album. The thing about Kanye is he has kind of a cult following that hangs on to his every word and calls all of his albums genius.

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Someone on JT called me out the other day for describing Kanye West as "disturbed" (even though there were a lot of other posts calling him worse than that). Wanted to know who I was to make that judgement.

I'll say again what I said then. You don't need to make the judgement on Kanye yourself, he tells us about his disturbances all the time. So does the future First Lady, his wife Ms. Kardashian. When you get to be a big star like Kanye, you're surrounded by too many yes-people, but it looks to me like maybe Kim might be trying to protect him from the consequences of his own actions. Let's hope so.

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Kanye West posts series of rambling late night tweets

Ok, so this proves he fits the bill for republican leadership. I’m guessing they’re setting him up for post trump, realizing he lost them all the black people.

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Maybe people should leave him alone.

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Just need a regular President even if puppet like. Biden will be accessible and you'll have an ear.

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rambling or rapping? Maybe he was just rapping.

-3 ( +1 / -4 )

That’s what trump will be doing in 6 months!!!!

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Please replace Pence with Kanye for your reelection campaign.

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please get this guy to take his meds

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How embarrassing.

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I seriously hope those who love him will get him the help he needs. If Kim has any love for him she will do an intervention and get him help. I seriously feel sorry for him.

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Going by his recent tweets, Kim might be the reason for his mental breakdown,

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He definitely fits in well with his wife's family they are all like him, cuckoo.

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Kanye West is going more media attention than Bernie Sanders did. In fact, there was a media black out on Bernie Sanders and I think the U.S. government was meddling with the media to that end. Is this news about Kanye helping us? One little bit? No it isn't. Its making democracy and voting into a complete joke and its exactly the goal.

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Liberals love Kanye, Kanye is a master at marketing for sure.

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Kanye is a sick man and trump and his team is egging him on as that’s their only hope of defeating Biden.

This will not end well for Kanye, trump and his crowd couldn’t care less.

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Posting trash and nonsense on Twitter shouldn’t be the new qualification for politics. .

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This will not end well for Kanye, trump and his crowd couldn’t care less.

Yeah, We’ve Heard this song and dance before. Lol! Kanye is just brilliant, like a broker, he knows when the market is just right.

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Kanye isn't a big star. He's minor.

He's much less famous than Snoop. who is a big star. I couldn't name 1 thing Kanye has done professionally. Not 1 song or on album or anything in business. If I saw the names in a list, wouldn't be able to tie them to him either. Wouldn't recognize his voice or face.

Googling ... guess he got some fame for talking about some group, "Drake?" Don't know what that is.

OTOH, perhaps I just don't care about loud entertainment people? I wouldn't recognize many sports personalities either.

People who actually build things get my admiration.

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Insane in the membrane

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Kanye isn't a big star. He's minor. 

Depends on which age group we are talking about, if it’s people over 40, then Snoop is bigger, if its people under 40 then Kanye is bigger and more famous


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