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Kate Bush classic 'Running Up That Hill' tops chart after 37 years


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The 1985 song now holds the record for longest time taken for a single to reach number one, while its ethereal singer boasts the longest-ever gap between chart-toppers, 44 years after "Wuthering Heights" first revealed her talents to the world.

Great that many are being exposed to these amazing classics for the first time.

She had a moment in Japan too..


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Back in the day, I could never really tell how good a Kate Bush song was until I’d heard it on the radio. Watching Kate’s videos was always far too distracting- and that goes double for the original video of “Babushka”.

Yes, that and Pamela Stephenson's video on Not The Nine O'Clock News.

Wuthering Heights, Man With The Child In His Eyes and Babushka are classics.

Wasn't really into any of her other songs, including Running Up That Hill which was first used in a children's drama on BBC.

Stranger Things S3 also gave a second life to Material Girl.

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I was never a fan when they came out, all a bit to screechy but maybe Kate was just ahead of her time. Now they are unique, exceedingly good classics.

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"...all a bit to screechy..."

TOO, NOT TO...[moron]

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Dear old Bushy Kate! Good for her, yes I am one of her fans.

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Kate Bush is just a true classic and a great artist.

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I'd say Kate Bush was the most talented female "artist" of any kind in the 20th Century.

I also respect her for not cashing in with the man-hating Political Correctness that other female artists do/have done/are encouraged to do. Kate respects men. Isn't it crazy that that is unusual?

Her song called "Wow" is my favorite.

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This song is in the US Top 10 as well. I remember when it hit the Top 30 in 1985. I always thought this was her best song, other than 'Don't Give Up' with Peter Gabriel. And I like this far one better than 'Wuthering Heights' which I never got into, sounded too '70s lite-pop schmalz' for me.

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