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Katy Perry and record label hit with $2.7 million copyright judgment


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I'm sure Perry thought Dark Horse was original, not like any of these singers have anything to do with writing the songs or probably give much thought to how they were produced.

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She can afford it.  but all of these lawsuits alleging theft of "their music" are dumb.  so much music builds on previously used riffs and chord and note sequences.

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The Flame of the Burning Bush in the dessert is finally proved to be real.

Good for him in listening to her music...How did he really find out?

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Agreed. Perhaps artists should have a contract that states "the producer claims full responsibility for lyrics and music, and that any lawsuit for breach of copyright must fall dokey on producer or contractor who certified the music."

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They have piles of contracts for these deals - they can still be sued and be found libel.

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LamillyAug. 2 10:09 pm JSTPlagiarism is alive and well

Yes, there is/has been/are so many cases of this in the past 20-odd years or so. It makes me sick.

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