Keeping up with China: Kim Kardashian woos Chinese market

By Roy Rochlin

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US guys at the office say that Kim hasn't ever really done anything, but is just "famous for being famous". Can she spin that in China?

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I know that a lot of Americans hate the Chinese, bu really, do the Chinese deserve this? Isn't this punishment just a little bit too much.

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The reason why she is not huge in China is because most Chinese do not like Kim's look. Big bxxx and back side girls are not considered hot in China. K-pop idols are their cup of tea.

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Hopefully Ye won't make a faux pas, like he always does, that'll make her brand come crashing down in the country.

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The face )or should I say one face) of popular US culture.  Says a lot for the march of progress.  Hopefully this is one fad the Chinese don't embrace wholeheartedly.

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Her look is not desirable in China. They like porcelain skin and skinny bodies with backsides flat as a board (a really long back). Remember they culturally used to crush young women's feet to look desirable. The only western looks that are popular are hair/eye colors and European nose jobs. They definitely don't like people of African descent except when they can make money off them.

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Puke emoji ..

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The Kardashian’s are just trash, but one thing they are good at is making money, that’s for darn sure, but it all depends. I don’t usually agree with Silvafan on most things, but on this one, he’s right, most Asians think she’s too fat, too made up, overblown, artificial, too dark, for the life of them, they don’t know what foreign men see in giant hippo sized butts, it’s just on this side of the planet something not desirable, so it remains to be seen if the Kardashian’s can conquer China, if she can do that, I’ll give her serious props, but just on the looks, I personally doubt it in my opinion.

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