Keira Knightley attends the European premiere of "Official Secrets'' at the BFI London Film Festival 2019 in London. Photo: REUTERS file

Keira Knightley says she has no interest in filming sex scenes for men


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Who's Keira Knightley?

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Big deal? First of all, it isn't just to satisfy the 'male gaze,' as from what I've learned in life, not just men are watching. Plenty of younger, hotter, and maybe, better actresses out there. Maybe her husband can also tell her about certain porno sites that serve certain purposes. Miss Knightley, I for one never saw your sex scenes but I'm sure you won't be missed at all.

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"I feel very uncomfortable now trying to portray the male gaze. 

Wow is she way off! It’s the “Hollywood” producers who decide this. People who watch this stuff (85% crap anyway) aren’t that picky, Game of Whatever comes to mind. But go ahead, blame the males instead of the movie and TeeVee makers who sign your check, it’s popular now,

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Keira Knightley says she has no interest in filming sex scenes for men

Read: "Keira Knightley was not offered enough money for filming sex scenes for men".

Show me the moolah, baby!

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 it's hilarious that this 'has-been' can just screw herself 

Well, yes, the headline really does imply that!

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How to say, "NOTICE ME!!!!"

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does having a female director mean men will eschew 'the male gaze' when watching any future nude scenes? how about lesbians getting off on ogling her, would that be okay? how about 'the trans gaze'?

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how about lesbians getting off on ogling her, would that be okay? how about 'the trans gaze'?

Of course it is acceptable, because prejudice + power. Males are sexist a priori.

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Ok she seems perfectly FINE with doing nudity to help kick off her career & make some $$. Now she seems at bit all over the place saying she doesnt want to do nudity anymore, but will consider it if the director is a woman....ok, whatever.

Does she still know that that would still put her on the silver screen possibly nude regardless.........

I guess she is just looking for some publicity as her phone for work is maybe slowing down some........

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Keira Knightly is right, and her detractors are wrong.

I hope this has been informative.

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Shouldn't she have said ' sorry but I am too out of shape to do a sex scene that any man might find remotely arousing'

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If a male actor was to say they would not do a sex scene for a female director it would be called sexist. There for Keira's comment is also sexist and should be rejected.

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There for



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There for



That was the "stand out" part of my post for you? English teacher? if you got the meaning of what was said then that is enough for me.

Seriously. :P

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A good actress, she was particularly good in the more physical roles as she was believable which all too many actors, male and female are not. Not quite sure the relevance of her current comments as their inconsistencies have been pointed out by other posters above. I can understand objecting to a sex scene that is irrelevant to the plot and just inserted for titillation, but as she doesn’t actually preclude sex scenes where relevant I do not se the point of her need to make a public statement regarding it?

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Also this is a very cut down version, a more comprehensive report was on the BBC news site yesterday which puts her comments more in perspective.

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Who ?

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I'm sure the industry has to change. On the other hand, it seems like a step backward if we're saying sex is off limits in cinema. There's a kind of repression that's come from the hyper-sensitive zoomers and Knightly is going with the flow. But it's an interesting psychological turn that we're seeing: hypersensitivity, denial, resistance and fear. We are closing ourselves. That's not to say that higher ethical standards aren't called for, just that free expression is a precious thing.

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