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Keisuke Kuwata resumes work on album after recovering from cancer surgery


Southern All-Stars vocalist Keisuke Kuwata, who underwent surgery for esophageal cancer on Aug 2, has recovered and is able to sing once again.

The news came in the form of a message to Tokyo FM on Sunday night. At the top of Kuwata's regular radio show, to which he sends weekly status updates, his manager read a statement which informed his waiting fans that Kuwata, 54, was returning to full health and that recording for his new album had finally recommenced.

"I've been forced to let music fall by the wayside for over two months now," Kuwata said in his message. "It feels great to be back in the game. Thank you all so much for your support."

After the news was announced, the radio station erupted into victorious cheers and applause.

According to sources, there were four tracks left when Kuwata was forced to halt the recording for surgery. "He's been undergoing physiotherapy to enable him to use his voice again," said his manager. "Although he's not doing the final recording yet, slowly but surely he's returning to his old self."

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ellie, my love, so sweet gambarre!

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I am happy to hear this news.

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I kind of feel I grew up with Sazan, even though I was in my 20s when I first heard them.

KK, I'm glad things are improving. Love your music.

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If all J-singers were as talented as KK they would really deserve the name "talent". His voice and music transcends language, culture barriers. A real world class singer song writer and musician.

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Awesome news - really made my month. KK rocks. :-)

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Honestly I can't stand SAS's music - but Mr. Kuwata is really funny on TV. I wish him the best for a speedy recovery.

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His strong raspy voice may have led to the cancer, or was the cause of his strong raspy voice. Good luck. He has talent compared to most.

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Kuwata Keisuke san is GREAT! Not only is he a great singer, but he makes great tv cms! I really hope he can over come his illness ASAP! Maybe some kind of PEACE concert? Help the Chinese see that peace is not an evil thing, but something to be admired.

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disculpame... did you say "help the CHINESE value peace??" Because the JAPANESE treasure harmony so dearly? Peace and love are the theme at the Yasukuni Shrine right...?

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Anyhow, I was in Japan when you, Mr. Kuwata first came up w/ 'katteni Shindobatto' ....' Itoshi no Ellie'. I missed out on his Skipped Beat until some years later.

Mr. Kuwata, you are a beautiful Man. It doesn't matter what blogs say. Very attractive especially when you were singing that Skipped Beat in red pants even though you'd look better in other style. The T always look good on you.

A very UNIQUE Japanese. You did what you loved.

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