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Keisuke Kuwata to release greatest hits album


Former Southern All-Stars leader Keisuke Kuwata, 56, will release a compilation album next month.

Collected on the double-CD album are 30 singles Kuwata released as a solo artist. Also included is a rare treat for fans in the form of a Christmas song he performed with Yumi Matsutoya, 58. The song, titled "Kissin' Christmas" (Not because it's Christmas), was performed on TV in 1986 and 1987 but was never officially released on CD until now.

Kuwata's compilation album, titled "I Love You - Now and Forever," is to be released on July 18.

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Hmm... compilation albums are a complete bore these days, but for oldtime's sake maybe I will make this an exception.

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Former Southern All-Stars leader

What... Southern All-Stars are no more??? Did they rename the beach area in Chigasaki as Former Southern Beach too?

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Yes!! FINALLY!!!

Wait... Who?

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Noirgaijin, no, the band played their farewell concert a few years ago after 30 years.

I was there. It was awesome.

4 concerts over 2 weekends drew something like quarter of a million fans.

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I went to a few of the SAS concerts! They were all GREAT! Kuwata-san and his wife (Hara Yuko) were superb! The band was simply the BEST!

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Think I'll give this a miss AKB 48 is best

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Why is there always someone who thinks they r funny by posting "who" in an article about a Japanese musician.

This is a Japanese news site. Keisuke Kuwata is massively famous in Japan. The Southern All Stars were one of the biggest groups of all time.

How many number 1 singles and albums have you had?

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I heard him once on the radio. Just him and a guitar. Dreadful. But a good, reliable songwriter.

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Amen !

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I hope he includes tracks from his Kuwata Band days. I don't think they're even available on CD.

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Yes, they are available ! Go to cdjapan.co.jp ! They have a tremendous selection ! ENJOY !

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Oh I don't care who says what. When he made debut and became famous, I was in Japan and was 17-18 yrs old.

He is a very unique Japanese yes?? And he was so cute when he was in 20's. Cutest guy. His past life was a Southern American probably.

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PS : and he is so~~~ sweet with his ballad/blue songs.

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