Kelly Preston, actress and wife of John Travolta, dies at 57


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Its bad enough losing a loved one but to lose several, jeees, thats heart breaking, stay strong John, and good luck to you!

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I'm not far away from 57.

My wife and I had big talk about whose going to die first. Me of cousre I lose my weirdly named permanent visa after two weeks I have to flee Japan.. It must be heartbreaking to suddenly have your partner die. And at 57 it's not actually that old. It's sad for anyone.

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What a heartbreaking news. She was so beautiful and talented. She died too young. RIP Kelly Preston.

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Another tragic lost and deep pain for him.

e of cousre I lose my weirdly named permanent visa after two weeks I have to flee Japan

your PR remains valid and you don’t have to flee.

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Man, he has had this happen a few times. I believe he was also seeing an older actress back in the late 70s who died fairly young. Can't place her name right now. Diana Hyland, maybe. Pretty tough to lose a girlfriend, son and wife. RIP.

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That sucks. My sister died of breast cancer at 41, its a deadly scourge that takes people too young.

I feel really bad for their kids too.

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Much too young. Really sad.

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Sad, very sad, good woman, great pilot and I feel sorry for John. The guy has to go through this again, absolutely devastating. Be praying for him and his family.

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I'm not interested in celebs' lives, but I liked her very much in the "Twins" and I like Travolta. Really sorry for his loss. She was too young to die. RIP.

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I am sorry to hear this.

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This is very sad. Breast cancer knows no boundaries. Remember Linda McCartney. And I lost a relative to it too. My sympathy to John.

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