Kevin Spacey makes first public appearance in 2 years in Rome

By Jason Merritt/TERM

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Go Spacey!!!!

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He looks good.

3 ( +4 / -1 )

Not how he looks today.  This is an old file pic.  The stresses and strains of the last few years have taken their toll.

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The case against Kevin Spacey collapsed so quick that the guy who made the claims against him should have been charged with making a false report.

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It's a shame that Spacey was fired before he could finish House of Cards.

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It's a shame that the rich and famous can do what they like to people, without consequence.

And I say that as someone who thinks Spacey is a magnificent actor.

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Is Kevin Spacey guilty until proven innocent, or is he innocent until proven guilty?

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Is Kevin Spacey guilty until proven innocent, or is he innocent until proven guilty?

Depends, are you talking legal court, or the court of public opinion?

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Trial by the media has got to stop. If a person is accused of something they need to have a fair trial. Nowadays at the whiff of a rumour, men and women lose their livelihood, their reputation in tatters and the accuser can refuse to testify when push comes to shove and wall away with impunity.

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Deal with it, Toasted Heretic. Innocent until proven guilty in the USA. He was already found guilty in the court of public opinion, which are the bs #metoo, #nomore, #boohoo movements. And at trial, the clown accuser fell apart. Liar.

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