Kidman feared 'I Love Lucy' casting in 'Being the Ricardos'


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I think she is a great choice. What is everyones problem?

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Can't go wrong with Nicole---an American playing an American.

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Can't go wrong with Nicole---an American playing an American.

Correct. But wouldn’t matter if it weren’t.

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U.S. national treasure

What a "high standards" a country have to define as a treasure such a charade..

American playing an American.

The ridiculous US exceptionalism as its finest..

Wake up, this is 21st century..

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Javier Bardem can be perfectly ‘over the top’ when needed and will do quite well as Dezi Arnez.

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Kidman is a fine actress, however, her take on Elizabeth Montgomery’s Samantha did not enchant us Bewitched (2005). Plus, Will Ferrell, who did far better in his other, early comedies, also missed the mark trying to portray even ‘one of the Darrens’.

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Ellie Kemper (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt) might have been a better cast as the young Lucy ?

Put some pounds on Rami Malek and he could pull off Dezi/Ricky Ricardo as well as he did Freddie Mercury.

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The "remake" of Judy Garland was an utter flop.

This "remake" of Lucille Ball & Desi Arnaz's life and career I don't see doing much better.

Nothing against Nicole Kidman, but they're out of their depths, here.

Rather than make a phony adaptation,

why not update/digitalize the films and shows left behind?

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The "remake" of Judy Garland was an utter flop.

Utter flop? Maybe you didn’t like it but It made $45 million against a budget of 10, and won all the major awards including Oscar for best actress. That’s not a flop by any definition.

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Not the right choice but I don't know which actress would be best. Should really be an American with good comedic talent.

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@Bob Fosse

Everything you’ve said is true.

But the film is not memorable, not art. It uses a great talent and personality’s fame to make kitsch.

Judy Garland & Lucille Ball are simply originals, too large to make into this year’s Oscar nominated film, wether it wins or doesn’t!

Who’s next, Elizabeth Taylor?

Do something NEW, people.

Stop riding on other’s coattails, make your own legend!

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She is the most overrated actress of the era.

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Bob FosseDec. 8  08:08 am JST

Can't go wrong with Nicole---an American playing an American.

Correct. But wouldn’t matter if it weren’t.

It shouldn't matter. So glad that you are taking the conservative approach in this matter.

As we saw on the article on West Side Story here, it did matter:

Certain changes were inevitable for a modern remake -- not least ensuring that none of the Latino parts were played by white actors.

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