Kii Kitano happy to be the one to propose marriage


Popular singer Kii Kitano, 20, participated this week as a guest in the award ceremony of the annual Best Marriage Proposal Contest, in Tokyo. Dressed in internationally renowned bridal fashion designer Yumi Katsura’s newest wedding dress, Kitano told reporters that she was more than happy to wear it and that in the future, she would like to marry a person who can appreciate the aesthetics of a wedding dress.

“In a relationship, I like to be the one who pushes things forward,” Kitano told reporters when asked about her ideal marriage proposal style. “I don’t mind proposing to a guy. I’ll tell him that I’ll make him happy,” she added with a smile.

Kitano also revealed that she has received marriage proposals before.

The singer, who made her debut last year with the major hit "Sakura saku," released her third single, titled "‘Kizuna," in March.

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Kii Kitano looks fit in a wedding dress designed by Renown designer Yumi Katsura. In a marriage, a lady or gentleman can move forward to make a partner feel happy. Japan is waiting more new wed couples this year.

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“I don’t mind proposing to a guy. I’ll tell him that I’ll make him happy,” she added with a smile.

Key to a Successful Marriage...best wishes Kii !

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Who cares what a 20 year-old thinks about marriage? Like she has any idea how to truly make a man happy.

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She should marry Yumi

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look from left to right and fast forward 30 years.

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JT, sorry to be a stickler, but she has been an actor for a lot longer than she has been a singer; I also tend to believe that she act a lot better than she sings.

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When I saw this article, I want to wear a wedding dress soon. I think that wearing a wedding dress is dreams of girls. Furthermore, my friend participated in this event, so I was surprised that it was big news.

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"look from left to right and fast forward 30 years."

Spot on, she looks good now but that future husband better prep himself

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