Kim Kardashian caught up in ancient Roman statue smuggling row


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Aliases, trusts, etc - ALL are legal ‘shell games’, designed for the extremely wealthy to skirt liability, criminal laws and applicable taxes.

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Alex Vervoordt has amassed millions in personal wealth by ‘acquiring’ antiquities and artworks for Bill Gates and A-list ‘celebrities’. This does not appear to be his first ‘mistake’ with required ‘paperwork’:

“in violation of a law requiring proper documentation for importing rare archaeological items, ...the invoice provided to them by the customs broker for the previous 2012 sale to Vervoordt by a gallery in Paris appeared to refer to a different statue entirely.”

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Man, you can't even make up a crime like this. Who is booking her life? Tyrone Biggums?

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I'm not a fan, but can see where she'd pay a professional art collector to handle things like selection, acquisition and storage.

Does anyone think that Bill Gates selected the art in his homes, planes, or what gets seasonally brought out to keep the walls changing?

I don't.

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That couple are a pathetic snob clowns..

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Remember when she used to be famous for rubbing Paris Hilton’s feet? Oh, those were innocent times.....

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Call me cynical, but this family will do ANYTHING for more publicity.

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Pukey2May 6  09:21 pm JST

Call me cynical, but this family will do ANYTHING for more publicity.

She and Kanye are getting divorced and now this. Her reputation is disreputable enough but this is a deplorable way to extend your Famous Fifteen minutes.

Give it up and go away, girl!

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