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Kirk Douglas recalls 'Spartacus,' film censorship


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Great actor, great film.

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Douglas' antiwar film "Paths of Glory" was banned in France for many years. The film was way ahead of its time and ranks alongside "All Quiet on the Western Front" and "Johnny Got His Gun" (with screenplay by Trumbo) as the greatest antiwar films ever made.

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Good on Douglas... he more than deserves the ovation.

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Great director, poor choice of people to support:

Douglas said that he was “proud of guys like George Clooney, Sean Penn, who go and spend their money to help other people.” The two Hollywood stars are actively engaged in lobbying for various humanitarian causes.

So he supports the guy who supported Assad after Assad ordered the murder of thousands, and another that wanted to declare the constitution unconstitutional. I hope he sticks to films where he knows his stuff.

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The man has been through more than I ever will. Even though "just" an entertainer, he has my respect.

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The "Rag man's son" is one hell of an actor and a tough old bird. He regretted early in is life, the fact that his father never told him he loved him. I will bet, in reviewing his life, he realizes that everything in his life had to be as it was, to have the result it did.

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Spartacus is a great film. I've always like Douglas' acting. He is wrong about the politics of Hollywood though. Whether is was the pro-war films during WWII, the McCarthy era of the 1950's, or the current conservative blacklisting of today the film industry has long interjected itself into government and politics. Clooney and especially Penn are very political and very identifiable as Democrats.

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