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KISS kick off Japan tour


American hard rock band KISS kicked off their Japan tour before 15,000 fans at Chiba Makuhari Messe on Saturday night.

Paul Stanley, 61, (vocals and rhythm guitar) shouted out to the audience in Japanese, "Chiba, Chiba, anatawa saiko" ("Chiba, Chiba, you're the greatest!"). The band played 18 songs during the concert.

Tickets for the band's performance on Saturday were all sold out in one day when they went on sale in July, so KISS decided to add two additional concerts at Nippon Budokan on Oct 23-24. They will also play at Osaka Castle Hall on Monday.

The tour is part of the legendary band's 40th anniversary Monster tour.

KISS last toured Japan seven years ago. This is their 10th tour of Japan since 1977. On Friday, they were out and about in Shibuya, in full makeup.

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Saw KISS on Tamori's Music Station last Friday. Paul forgot one line on "I was made for loving you" but otherwise gave a stellar performance. Would have loved to have seen Eric Carr on drums but sadly Eric is no longer with us. @Jean Val-Jean: I agree, KISS rocks!

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Its amazing what heavy makeup and no talent can bring.

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Rock on, guys, rock on !

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I was there last night at the Makuhari concert. It was AWESOME!! I can't believe those guys are that age. We were about half way back, but they have a HUGE Hi-Def screen behind them so you can see everything up close and personal. The stage show is freakin' amazing, as you would expect, and they played most of the KISS classics. If you're a KISS fan, this one is worth getting scalped tickets for. If I'd known how far back my S seats were, I probably would have done that last night. A great concert!!

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On Friday, they were out and about in Shibuya, in full makeup.

With all the make-up the women wear in Shibuya, they probably fit in well.

Serrano, awesome indeed! Wish I was there to go to the concerts.

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I'll be there 2morrow in Osaka!!! Shouting out loud!!!!

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I went to one of their concerts when I was 16 back like in 78 or 79 in Abilene Texas was a big Ace Frely Fan, Spell Check.. LOL

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KISS bought a new Arena Football team in Los Angeles and I bought season tickets at $99 which includes a free full scale KISS concert for season ticket holders only! The surprising thing is that the $99 tickets aren't sold out! 10 games + a full scale KISS concert! Someone should throw in r/t flight from Japan and make a travel package of it.

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KISS are my favorite band with no talent.

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