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Kiss sells catalog, brand name and IP to Swedish company


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Utterly pathetic...

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Just go away hacks

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KISS were big when I was young and I still listen to the music from back then and not all the crap that's out there today. But I never understood why all these old legends can't let go with dignity and want to destroy their status.

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$300m for these over-rated bunch of…….I wouldn’t give ‘em ¥300.

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I find it heartwarming that they allow someone else the opportunity to dress up like a deranged serial killer with kittycat make-up and sing "I was born for loving you".

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Boomers can't let go

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If we are going to be honest about this 300 mil. Big number.

The only one who really earned it in the band is Paul.

Gene, well. Loud mouth, know it all, egotistical over blown mouthpiece. Everyone who had to deal with him walked away saying what a horses a........

Most hate KISS because of Gene's antics. But Paul is one of the best rhythm rock guitarist to ever do it.

This can not be denied. Imagine a Kiss with no make up more center focus on Paul and just a humble decent base player that can actually hit a triplet. And not use pick on every track with only down stroking.

That would be 300 million dollar Kiss. But here we go. Kiss Brand on everything now . Pop House is going to get their moneys worth. Everything from a Kiss Cafe., to Kiss wallpaper. But nice cash out for Paul. He earned it to put up Gene. Letting Ace go was a huge mistake. If Ace was still in the line up they would be 500 mil. Paul Ace wrote good Rock -n- Roll songs together.

Some of Paul's best work.


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