Kool & the Gang co-founder Ronald 'Khalis' Bell dies at 68


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Rest in peace legend. Your music was the stuff of legends to every break dancer and break dance movie growing up.

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The leader of one of the greatest funk and R-n-B groups ever and they have influenced me since childhood. I still play Jungle Boogie every day. Damn, we have lost a lot of great ones this year! RIP.

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I remember one particular weekend back in 1985. I believe I was a kindergartener but for some reason can't forget. I attended a wedding overlooking the ocean in Long Beach, CA. The couple must have loved Kool & the Gang because all I heard was Hollywood Swingin, Cherish, Joanna, Fresh, Get Down On It, Jungle Boogie, Summer Madness and more at the reception. day, Lakers beat the Celtics in the NBA Final and Celebration blasted through the speakers. Great weekend! Kool & the Gang made anthems. They still do tour though, I went to 5-6 of their shows throughout my life. RIP

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Thank you for the memories. You are a legend! RIP

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I met him once. Nice guy, relaxed and down to earth. RIP

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RIP! Having survived the 70's and 80's, K&G produced some great tunes. For me, the jazz influence was the key.

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RIP, funkateer. I saw this band with the Columbus Symphont Orchestra ('Picnic With the Pops') last year and they were terrific as ever. I grew up with this band. They didn't have the megafame of Michael Jackson or the Fab Five accolades like Duran Duran but they are considered the #1 act of the 80s because they always a hit on the Billboard Hot 100, a video on the TV, they were a constant presence. They gave positive messages in their videos and PSAs and 'Celebration' is a classic to say the least. It came out when I was a HS freshman and our football stomped all our rivals by margins like 45 - 0 to become the regional champs.

 Damn, we have lost a lot of great ones this year!

Marie Fredricsson of Roxette (last December)

2.Neil Peart of RUSH (I saw them 5 times)

Kenny Rogers (I saw him at a racino a few years ago)

Little Richard

Ronald Bell of KATG (saw last year)

Notice that's five 'R's of rock'n'roll and let's not forget

Charlie Daniels

Man, I feel pretty sad.

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