Korean director takes on decades of generational trauma

By Claire LEE

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I feel like I just read the entire plot of the movie.

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Zainichi Koreans have in a way become their own race.

The Japanese say they are Korean. Koreans, from Korea will say they are Japanese and speak Korean with a very strange accent.

Some try to blend in, become Japanese and/or at least use their Japanese name.

But, whenever I have seen a zainichi Korean meet another zainichi Korean, there is a terrific bond. A shared history that only they can understand.

Look forward to researching more about Yang Yonghi.

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Bravo. Encore!!

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Sounds like a tough life.

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I need to watch those.

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In her old age, she told Yang of yet another traumatic event -- a bloody crackdown by South Korean forces on Jeju Island in 1947-54 to crush an uprising. As many as 30,000 people were killed, according to the National Archives of Korea.

Directly related to this is the following:

[ The National Committee for the Investigation of the Truth about the Jeju April 3 Incident concluded that the U.S. Army Military Government in Korea and the Korean Military Advisory Group shared responsibility for the incident as it began under the rule of the military government and an American colonel was in charge of the security forces of Jeju until August 1948.[26]

After the outbreak of the Korean War, the U.S. assumed command of the South Korean armed forces.[27] Brigadier General William Lynn Roberts commanded Americans on Jeju.[28][29]

The U.S. military documented massacres but did not intervene.[30]

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