Koyuki shows how to prepare highballs in Suntory commercial


The second installment of Suntory's highball whisky commercials featuring actress Koyuki, 33, has been uploaded onto YouTube, and this time the popular actress wears a splendid kimono as she gets into their fine whisky.

The first installment came out in July and featured Koyuki in a low-buttoned white top as she explains how to go about drinking a whisky highball. Since then, the YouTube version has been played over a million times. It can be seen at the following link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sqLAJC6qRIQ&annotation_id=annotation_175414&feature=iv

Her latest commercial is expected to further her ever-increasing popularity. She wears a dark kimono complimented by a subtle floral motif. The commercial can be seen at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KslFocJXBPI

Koyuki informs viewers that chilling the whisky beforehand enhances the flavor, and says that one part whisky to three parts soda is the standard, but then adds a little more whisky for good measure. She reminds viewers that you shouldn't mix the drink around too much, or the carbonation will escape, leaving you with a flat, lifeless beverage.

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Common sign at all local Izakayas have highball prices going from 450Y crossed out all the way down to 100-150Y...

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Kimonos, Kimonos, Kimonos...they made a point to stress this in the article. Quite frankly, I think they are overrated. Their nice and good in traditional functions but other than that; it's the 21st century people.

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If Koyuki wore a kimono while preparing my high balls, I would be very happy.

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I'd prefer her in a low button white top as she prepares my highballs and cocktails

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Actually this advertisement will never make me drink whiskey. I will think about it if the commercial has Kotooshu in it, or Ishida Junichi, though.

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Another 'article' about a commercial...come on!!!

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The link given here by JT didn't work for me, this one does:


I especially like the part when she squeezes the lemon.

"shame about the face"

Nothing shameful about it! In fact, Koyuki was voted as the woman with the best face without make-up.

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"a splendid kimono"

It certainly is splendid!

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popular actress wears a splendid kimono as she gets into their fine whisky.

I'm less interested in knowing how to prepare a highball and more interested in knowing how to get popular actresses in splendid kimonos into my fine whisky. But I suppose that's the point, isn't it.

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a splendid kimono


complimented (!!!) by a subtle floral motif

Well that IS splendid isn't it.

A new low in writing has been achieved here today.

I would like to go on and comment on what I would like her to wear while preparing my highballs and cocktails, but I'm not interested in Koyuki. And I don't like whiskey, much either, which just leaves cocktails.

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Only in Japan do you get a Drug (alcohol) company showing how to prepare a fix on a CM with all the seductive trappings to render the act innocent.

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so Browny, in your country they advertise whisky in CMs with a poison mark or what?

I'm not a specialist in whisky, but I was appalled how expensive the good Japanese whisky is. I was looking for a 25 years old single malts, and while respectable foreign whiskies were on the 40-50,000 yen range, Hibiki, Yamazaki, Hakushu were all in the 100,000 yen range

Finally, I must remind Koyuki that highball whisky goes very well with chocolate salty balls

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Timeon - No. But alcohol cm's are much more strictly regulated (self or govt. I don't know). The party party, happy happy, gulp gulp, ah.....ah...., type ads that are the norm here, would not be approved in most modern countries.

Alcohol arguably the worlds # 1 social lubricant (social drug), responsible for so many social ailments, needs to be carefully monitored by those connected.

I drink, but I don't need to have it pushed on me.

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For a relaxing time..make it....Suntory time!!

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"while respectable foreign whiskies were on the 40-50,000 yen range",

Heck, you can get a bottle of perfectly respectable Early Times for about 1,200 yen.

ClosetFreak - That's, For relaxing times... make it Suntory times.

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hope their whiskey tastes better then their beer - Suntory beer is the worst of the 4 big makers here...

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I don't recommend drinking highballs and beer on the same night.

"Suntory beer is the worst of the 4 big brewers here"

Maybe, but their beer is still better than Budweiser or Miller.

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Browny, I don't watch TV too much, but the few CMs I know on the topic show people socializing and having fun while drinking. which I don't find so outrageous. maybe if you show me a CM with a lonely, depressed, suicidal salaryman with a bottle of vodka and the subtitle "my only friend", I will be convinced :)

Sarge, I was talking about 25 years single malts (I needed it for an occasion, I usually drink the cheap Macallan or Bowmore). And while I agree about Suntory beer, the whisky is not bad. I actually like Yamazaki 12 years (18 years too expensive)

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I need someone like Koyuki to mix me a drink every night. Maybe it will be a decent substitute if I watch the video and prepare one myself.

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Koyuki... there's just something about her that makes her so wonderful to watch do anything and even nothing.

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timeon - exactly!!!

The suicidal loner is the rarity in the alcohol abuse stakes.

Now - the happy go luckies of the world could never have an alcohol prob could they. Mr & Ms Straight - nah! Only depressed losers.

Good observation.

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I agree with nightvision - except for her performance in Last Samurai - but even that wasn't her fault, that was Cruise's fault, ha ha!

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Why does she put huge chunks of glass into the drink? Wouldn't it be more authentic to use ice?

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Ivan - What makes you think she's putting chunks of glass into the glass? Looks like ice to me...

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She should be wearing one of those new see through Kimonos. They are very sexy , especially if you are mixing High Balls

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Sarge - I wasn't even paying attention to what she was saying in 'The Last Samurai'. She can try to be a bad actress and I wouldn't even mind.

If you've seen her in 'Blood - The Last Vampire', damn... I wanted her to kill Saya.

She is not exceptionally beautiful; she even looks a bit masculine, but there's just an inexplicable, wonderful, mesmerizing charm that makes you ignore whatever flaw she might have.

She is so hypnotic.

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Koyuki looks much better pushing Suntory than Bill Murray did 7 years ago.

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Koyuki comes across as unpleasant to be around. She looks good, but...I don't think I would want her serving me highballs....

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