Kumi Koda's new single reaches No. 1 on Oricon chart


Kumi Koda’s first single since she returned to show business after giving birth in the summer has reached the No. 1 spot on the Oricon chart, having sold more than 55,00 copies since its release on Oct 24.

The single is titled “Go to the Top” and is her 8th song to hit the No. 1 spot on Oricon. The year is ending well for Koda whose last album “JAPON ESQUE” -- released in January -- also reached the top spot.

“I languished, not knowing what direction I was going to take after life-changing events such as marriage and having a baby," she said in a statement. "But I decided to come back to the stage and I am thrilled beyond words to be back in the No. 1 spot."

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Good on her!

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Go kumi! Welcome back!!

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Good...i'm so exited to hear that single!!!!

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yuck another artist who implemented dubstep in her sound. Shame.

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To imagine an established Japanese pop idol would sing the theme song for a spinoff anime from an Otaku dating sim that's set in a post apocalyptic world would rank #1 on the charts..

still better than any AKB crap.

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yuck another artist who implemented dubstep in her sound. Shame.

I had to look up what dubstep was, lol

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I love it when she's on top!

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I fell in love with her during final fantasy days. The ff franchise "Final Fantasy x-2" theme song "Real Emotion" was surely one of my favs. Plus her sensuality in her MV "Lollipop" makes me go buy some candies. Glad to hear some news about her.

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The mask is hot.

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meh.....It's just another J-pop artist nothing to go crazy about. They will always be on top in Japan charts. Try hitting the foreign market and see how she goes all the way down (and I don't mean asia when I say foreign market).

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look at that pouting lip, she should win the year's pouting lipist award !!

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need more cleavage on the cover :-)

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The Most Airbrushed Celebrity in Japan

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