Kylie Jenner, Forbes spar over story on billionaire status


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America is worried about this as riots destroy cities and the coronavirus destroys lives?

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You would think with the current political climate, she might think twice about wanting to be seen as especially rich. Just a matter of time before the mob turns against wealthy celebrities.

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Who gives a damn about this family?

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Who gives a damn? Like half of America. Go check their combined social media followings and tv ratings.

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Benjamin Whineman:

Yeah, and look what about half of America voted into the WH in 2016.

OK, let me rephrase this. Who, with more than a few brain cells, gives a damn about this family?

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Sadly this is the Instagram generation where celebrities make quick and easy money with little hard work. The world is currently facing more serious problems (poverty, pandemics, climate change, wars and conficts, etc..). These celebrities seem so irrelevant in these uncertain times. Few people want to read their news.

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Wasn’t she a man before ?

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i can name a list of 100 things more important right now than fixating on how much money i have.

Exactly. I feel dirty for clicking and nasty for posting. Don't know who this is and still don't know why anyone cares. After all, she didn't even have a sex tape like her sister or go through gender reassignment like her father (I assume it was her father).

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Weird that Jenner's trying to move up in the line to get to the guillotine, but alright.

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These celebrities seem so irrelevant in these uncertain times.

On the contrary

In the absence of sports and new entertainment, much of the most-watched quarantine events are celebrities in their homes performing often for charity for healthcare workers and patients

What else people gonna do when they're stuck at home bored, nowhere open to go, and can only clean their windows so many times in a day

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