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Kylie Minogue says having young fans 'alarming and exciting'

By Philippe GRELARD

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Nothing against Kylie Minogue,  but my favourite band is the female Japanese hard rock band. give them a listen on YT.

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I did not know about her until yesterday, but then I listened to her song 'Locomotion'.....wow! really really good.

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Well, if she dresses like that, she is likely to have a lot of 14 year old boy fans.

Not really. To a 14 yr old, anyone over about 25 is "old". I don't really miss the 1980s. Sure, there were some fun times, but there were also so terrible things. For the first half, I was almost certain the world would be blown up when Russia and the US started a nuclear war. Plus, I was terribly poor, so even having enough food was difficult. When you are always hungry, the world doesn't seem all that great.

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The 80's were awesome

Best decade ever! Fantastic time to live through.

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Those of us who came home from school each day and watched 'Neighbours' will revert to 14 year old boys whenever she is mentioned. I miss the 80s.

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Well, if she dresses like that, she is likely to have a lot of 14 year old boy fans.

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